As an Evidence based Personal Trainer and physical preparation coach who has a special interest in metabolic disease, fat loss, weight management, body composition and correcting them by proper Nutrition, I always refer my clients to Ms. Divya of SANO HOLISTIC NUTRITION CLINIC & her team for nutrition counseling. I have worked with other dieticians in the past and too often find that they just ask for food logs and make suggestions that are easily obtained online, in books, etc. But at Sano Holistic Nutrition Clinic they have a specific and individualized approach when counseling a client and they work hard to help their clients learn more about why their eating habits may be off track and not optimal for them, as well as helping people to effect change at a deep level that, most importantly, is sustainable for lifetime health. As a trainer my results are 60% from Sano holistic nutrition client diet and 40% training when it comes to fat loss and improving Activity of daily life. Keep up the good work!


Sneha Parthiban

Hi Sujatha and Divya, Good day!!! Let me start with thank you, Thank you so much for your help and support. My goal was to reduce my weight, the main reason was for me and of course, my parents are looking for a groom. I never thought food will change a person’s confidence and make them look at their life in a better way. Very frankly speaking I am an emotional eater. Whenever I’m angry or whenever I’m not in a good mood I eat a lot. And that’s the major reason for putting on weight. And I always had this inferiority complex just because I’m overweight. I have been to the Gym for one year along with a diet but that diet was very difficult for me because it asked me not to eat any of my regional food. And I’ve also done Palio diet. Palio diet has given me a good result in the beginning for a month but after that, there was not much difference in my weight so then I started losing hope on reducing weight. Finally my friend Suresh referred me to you. I’m very very happy with the diet. Why because, the food chart that you gave me was suiting my actual lifestyle, what I generally eat in my daily life. This makes me feel healthy, active and confident. And I’m very happy to say that I don’t feel inferiority complex any more. I will definitely not say that my weight will reduce in a huge way as then definitely it’s a wrong diet. Why I am saying this because when we started putting on weight, it did not happen in a day or a month. It was a long process. So definitely when we want to reduce our weight it will definitely take months. With the chart that they gave me, I can 100% say that my weight will not increase even if I don’t follow for 2 or 3 days. So it’s really great feeling. And I also feel very healthy and active. And a special thank you to Sujatha because from the beginning she is following up with me and whenever I had doubts or queries about my diet she had always been answering my question and was a great support. Thank you so much dear. And thank you Divya for everything. You guys have given me a new life and I feel as if I have been reborn. Thank you Warm regards


Akshatha Ravi

Divya is well organised and an extremely well read and educated nutritionist who provides both customized and healthy weight diet plan to a range of clients. She follows-up her patients regularly and will change the diet plan when the changes are not going as desired. Her diet plans are extremely simple and easy to follow with no starvation. I was treated by her personally and managed to meet my goal weight at a good steady state. I lost 30 kgs over a period of 10 months and Divya has been extremely instrumental in helping me achieve this. She is excellent at what she does and I recommend her as the best nutritionist I have ever been treated by.


Hermina Herman

I have the privilege of getting associated with SANO Holistic Nutrition Clinic for the past three months which I am proud off. This team is highly motivated with extensive knowledge in their field. I was able to see a remarkable change in my ward’s performance well within three months. It is not only with the fitness they deal with but also the attitude of their client’s which is an added bonanza. They are very friendly and bent to give their best at all times. They have the ability to mould their students based upon the individual’s strengths. Once the job is assigned to them, rest assured that it will get done well. I personally recommend Sano with no second thoughts. A best place to make your ward’s as Champions. Thanks SANO


Yashwant Vaid

Hello! I have been a long distance runner for over three years now & an amateur cyclist too, over 5 years now. I have been into strength & conditioning through a personal trainer for quite a few years. He had been suggesting me to consult a dietician for quite a while & finally got your contact after asking him to put me onto one. He had explained me earlier that diet goes a long way along with strength & conditioning to enhance one’s performance, in whichever field one may be. I remember having consulted with you around Dec 2016 & thought I shall give it a shot for a month & see whether I am able to stick to at least 50/60% of whatever you would suggest/prescribe & after doing that whether I find any difference in my athletic performance (as my goal was to better my speed in running that what I had been in 2016). I was quite interested to know about the parameters that are vital like the BMI, fat %, muscle %, which part of the body stores how much of fat:muscle etc & all of its impact on oneself, from you once you had all the readings with you. I was kind of following the diet plan suggested by you quite religiously & I could have soon found a difference in my run performances. After reviewing twice, I am absolutely glad to know that I have dropped quite a bit on my fat percentage, increased my muscle percentage & a few other factors that have been in my favor. I am now glad that you have also asked me to keep updating on my athletic activities so that you can propose/suggest any changes from the diet plan that you suggest for a month. I am quite impressed that you make the client quite knowledgeable about what one should take as their lifestyle as far as diet is concerned. I feel that this is a kind of very basic education that needs to be imparted to everyone for changing everyone’s lifestyle for their betterment & I am sure you are going to serve the society in this front. Thank you for all the help & the change that you have brought in me. Best wishes for a very glorious future. Thanks & Regards Yashwant Vaid



Hi all, I thoroughly loved my internship position working at SANO HOLISTIC NUTRITION CLINIC. I was able to work in so many different areas of the field of nutrition. This experience allowed me to open my doors to new perspectives and new ways of learning. While working here I really had to break out my comfort zone. I saw myself pushing my language abilities as well as I tried to grasp concepts. I often had to ask for things to be explained in a different way. Being in this friendly environment, it allowed me to learn in a more intense way, than I ever had before. This beautiful experience made me learn things in a new way. Thanks for teaching me all that you know and for making me feel one among you. The things I’ve learned from this internship are the things I will hold with me for the rest of my life. Forever thankful, With love and regards, Ananya

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