Pre-wedding Nutrition

It is every bride and groom’s wish to don beautiful hair, radiating skin and picture perfect body on their big day, but to achieve this is not a one-day affair. To look good and to feel good on the day of the wedding requires a lot of discipline and dedication spanning over a few months if not weeks. Our pre-wedding plan is customized to suit the needs of every individual and it revolves around making the whole wedding phase stress-free, vibrant and memorable.

To feel the best on your big day, you need to form healthy habits that would serve you for a lifetime. We do not want you to make mistakes like cutting on food groups or going on crash diets. Taking such steps can add on to your stress, anxieties and prove to be disastrous. Instead, our well-experienced nutritionists would walk you through a systematic diet plan that would result in increased energy, sound sleep and a calm, peaceful and dynamic state-of-mind.

Nourishing your body with nutrients and keeping it well-hydrated shows not just for your skin and hair but also on your overall personality. We at Sano believe that when you love and appreciate your body, the body loves you back. With our pre-wedding plan, you are sure to transform and surprise your friends and family radiating humongous amounts of self-love and self-respect, and that would be the biggest talk of the town and head turner of the entire wedding. Get ready to rediscover yourself before you tie the knot with your loved one.

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