Sports Nutrition

Eating right is crucial for any aspiring athlete, bodybuilder or sportsperson. It takes dedication, hard work and discipline to play the sport with undying passion and evolve into a champion. At Sano, we help you identify your sporting goals and stand beside you at every step to push you towards your goals and aspirations. We regulate your diet depending upon the intensity, duration and type of the activity and balance your carbohydrates, proteins and fat intake.

We assess your body composition, fitness levels and take body measurements in order to design a nutrition plan that would best suit your sports training, workout regime and lifestyle. Under the guidance of dieticians specialized in Sports Nutrition, you can easily develop body composition, manage weight, improve strength, increase energy levels and enhance recovery. We also help athletes target specific competitions and come up with pre-event and post-event plans for optimal performance, injury prevention and recovery.

Along with making the right food choices, Sports Nutrition also deals with keeping the body well hydrated as dehydration can lead to detrimental performance. Athletes tend to lose large amounts of body fluid through sweat and hence maintaining good hydration is important. We also recommend other drinks with carbohydrates and electrolytes in them, to provide extra energy and to compensate for the sodium lost through sweat.

Apart from food and water, getting adequate rest is vital for any sportsperson to have clarity in thought and agility in action. Without a calm and peaceful mind, one cannot focus and pay attention to the minute details which form a crucial part of any sport. At Sano, we help you optimize your sleep so that your body repairs itself completely before the next training session and you experience holistic wellbeing reaching your complete potential.

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