Kids Nutrition

The nutritional requirement of children is very different compared to adults. It is important that parents tend to the specific nutrient needs of their kids so that they grow up to be strong and healthy. The amount of calories and nutrients required also varies from one child to another, depending upon the age, gender and activity level. At Sano, we assess the child completely by learning about their eating habits, food preferences and allergies, and customize a healthy, extensive and interesting diet plan that would make the child look forward to the meal time.

Generally, children do not get enough vitamins and minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D and Vitamin E from their regular diet. Their preference towards processed and fast food cooked with refined flour and unhealthy fat supplies them with energy but comes with zero nutrient value. Sugary snacks and fried food also increase the risk of anxiety, depression and obesity in children, making them inactive and unproductive. It is important that parents team up with qualified nutritionists and device easy, healthy and tasty meal options that support brain development and holistic well-being of their children.

At Sano, we truly believe in the fact that “What we eat is what we become”. We thoroughly educate the parents on the importance of foods that nourish us from the inside and make us feel good about ourselves, compared to other foods that make us feel deprived and unworthy. It is our vision to raise a generation of kids with healthy eating habits so that they grow up to be loving, responsible and confident adults.

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