About Us

Sano means Health in Latin. Why did we particularly choose health instead of anything related to nutrition?

We chose health as it is the bigger picture we are aiming at. We not only want to correct your dietary patterns we also want you to choose wisely for your physical, mental and social well-being.

As Lifestyle changes occur, each generation faces a different set of varied problems. It is difficult tackling them without the use of external help and that is where we come in.

Each person is different, with their own metabolic conditions and requirements. Unless, we are able to identify and differentiate that person’s needs, the result will not be fruitful.

We look at a Scientific based Nutritional approach as Health is a field of constant change and study. We always try to stay connected and make sure that our knowledge and practice meets today’s research and studies.

We persevere for client satisfaction and to also build a communicative relationship with our clients, to fulfil every need and desire. We are a Holistic team functioning to build a healthy and wealthy community.

How we work? *

  • We get to know you, your lifestyle and your blood chemistry
  • Followed by de-tox to cleanse the body of the accumulated toxins
  • Educate you on the food and exercise ideal for your body
  • Delivery of Nutrition chart, follow-ups and reviews to craft the new you
  • Feel the upsurge in energy and experience the shift
  • Enjoy the lifestyle change and maintain it on your own


*The process differs for each client and is decided by the Nutritionist

Our Clients